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About Fairmont, WV - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Fairmont is a West Virginia city located in Marion County. In 2010, the city had a population of almost 19,000 people according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Fairmont is the 7th largest city in West Virginia and currently serves as the county seat of Marion County.

The City of Fairmont was established by Boaz Fleming. In 1817, the land on which Fairmont currently sits was cleared by Fleming’s sons and the city was incorporated under the name Middletown in 1820. The borders of Marion County were laid out and established in 1842 and soon after the city was named as the county seat.

Individuals visiting Fairmont will find the city is home to various types of activities and entertainment. There are several restaurants and shopping centers located throughout the city that provide individuals some of the best entertainment in Marion County. Fairmont is also home to a local farmers market where individuals from around the area congregate to buy, sell and trade goods made and grown locally. After visiting the Fairmont Farmer’s Market, individuals have the opportunity to stop by one of the city’s local parks to enjoy a picnic and also a walk while surrounded by beautiful landscape.

One benefit of living in Fairmont is the weather. The city is located in a climate the experiences four distinct seasons. The fall season is particularly beautiful in the state. During these months, temperatures range from the mid-60s to mid-50s on average. As winter begins, daytime temperature highs begin to average in the mid-40s. Individuals will find it necessary to have heat pumps or furnaces installed in their homes. These systems will keep individuals warm and dry during the colder months of the year.

The summer season in Fairmont is usually warm and humid. Although daytime temperatures tend to remain in the mid-80s throughout the months of June, July and August, it is not uncommon for temperatures to climb into the 90s. Individuals should hire professional HVAC technicians to install central air conditioning units in their homes. By doing so, individuals will help ensure they and their homes remain cool during the summer months.